John Boos "HNB" 1-3/4" Thick Maple Top Work Table Galvanized Base & Bracing View full size

John Boos "HNB" 1-3/4" Thick Maple Top Work Table Galvanized Base & Bracing

NSF approved

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  • 1-3/4" Thick Hard Rock Maple Top, Style "SC" Flat Top
  • Finished w/ Penetrating Oil, Optional Varnique Finish
  • Galvanized Base & Bracing
  • Bracing Adjustable To Desired Height
  • Adjustable Bullet Feet
  • Shipped Knocked Down, Easy To Assemble


Available models, click the detail data sheet below:

Model Description L x W x H (inch) Weight Spec Sheet
HNB01 HNB 36X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 76 lb Spec Sheet
HNB02 HNB 48X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 95 lb
HNB03 HNB 60X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 114 lb
HNB04 HNB 72X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 133 lb
HNB04A HNB 84X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 156 lb
HNB05 HNB 96X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 179 lb
HNB05A HNB 108X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 198 lb
HNB06 HNB 120X24X1-3/4 W/SC-O 217 lb
HNB07 HNB 36X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 91 lb
HNB08 HNB 48X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 114 lb
HNB09 HNB 60X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 138 lb
HNB10 HNB 72X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 161 lb
HNB10A HNB 84X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 190 lb
HNB11 HNB 96X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 217 lb
HNB11A HNB 108X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 241 lb
HNB12 HNB 120X30X1-3/4 W/SC-O 264 lb
HNB13 HNB 36X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 118 lb
HNB14 HNB 48X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 151 lb
HNB15 HNB 60X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 185 lb
HNB16 HNB 72X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 226 lb
HNB16A HNB 84X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 252 lb
HNB17 HNB 96X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 287 lb
HNB17A HNB 108X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 325 lb
HNB18 HNB 120X36X1-3/4 W/SC-O 363 lb