Globe N Series Premium Slicer

NSF approved

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  • 13 PreciseEdge™ Knife - Holds a sharp cutting edge better and longer than stainless steel
  • Premium Gear Drive System - Slices difficult product like cheese with extreme ease
  • EZ-Glide™ Adjustable Slicing Table - Specifically designed to reduce friction resulting in a smooth gliding stroke
  • Precision Gear Slice Thickness Adjustment - Ensures consistent slices resulting in reduced waste, higher product yield and increased profits
  • Open Space Base Design - Expanded area around the knife simplifies cleaning, which facilitates a quick and easy process 
  • Stainless Steel Construction - With this ideal food prep surface, effective sanitation is easily achieved
  • Simple Sharpening System - Easy access and perfect sharpening alignment are the result of Globe's one-step sharpener


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