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Globe Floor Mixer 30 Quart - 80 Quart

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  • Gear Transmission
    Gears and shafts are substantially thicker to give additional strength and longevity to Globe’s mixer transmissions
  • Quality Construction and Design
    Globe’s rigid cast iron body can easily handle the high torque produced when mixing heavy loads
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    Priced to provide significant savings over other brands without compromising on a proven design and durable components ensuring years of reliable operation
  • Space Saving Design
    Slide away bowl guard enables convenient bowl access without taking up additional kitchen space
  • Safety Interlocks
    Safety interlocked bowl guard and bowl lift provide safe operation and peace of mind
  • Spring Loaded Bowl Clamps
    Securely holds the bowl in place, reducing bowl rocking and agitator damage 
  • Complete Mixer Package
    A bowl, beater, hook, whip, timer, and #12 attachment hub are included at no additional costs (60 and 80 qt units include a bowl truck) (60 qt pizza mixer and 80 qt mixer include a power bowl lift)


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